Name of the Program: Radiotherapy

Starting Date of Training: 1992-1993

ÖSS Score Type: No exam

Foundation of the Program:

Radiotherapy Training Program was started within the Dokuz Eylul University Vocational School of Health in 1992-1993 academic years.


Aim of the Program:

The aim of Radiotherapy Program is to train qualified radiotherapy technologist who has knowledge and ability to control radiotherapy equipment and machinery, make lead blocks, perform patient immobilization systems, prepare the patient for simulation and make patient set-up and treatment.


Content of the Training:

Radiotherapy technologist is a qualified person with knowledge and skills to check machinery and equipment on his/her own and within a certain time, make mask, patient positioning mold, lead block, prepare processes of the simulation, perform simulation of radiation treatment and patient treatment.

In the scope of authority in accordance with general work principles of business, worker health, occupational safety and environmental protection regulations and in accordance with the requirements of efficiency and quality of the profession, radiotherapy technologist performs the tasks and processes by using   the tools and equipment effectively.


The Post-Graduation Job Opportunities:

In previous years, people who started to work at radiotherapy departments were being employed as a radiotherapy technologist after only in-service courses and training on job. Tools and equipment used in radiotherapy applications were quite inadequate in terms of number and quality.

With time, in parallel with technological developments, significant improvements were achieved in the quality of tools and equipment used in radiotherapy applications. Despite the fact that especially radioactive effects of tools and equipment used in radiotherapy have been brought under control, working conditions can still cause serious health problems on some professionals. Today, professionals, in addition to the formal education they have received in institutions of vocational training, can improve the level of their education by vocational training and on job training courses. Machinery and equipment being used in the field of radiotherapy are largely imported products. Therefore, machines and equipment being used are at the level of European standards. On the other hand, rapid advances in tools and equipment being used in radiotherapy services require the professional staff to be more knowledgeable day after day.

Radiotherapy technologists, provide treatment services with radiation oncology specialists and / or radiation therapy physicists as a team. Radiotherapy is usually carried out in the relevant sections of university and state hospitals and also radiotherapy departments are widely available in the private hospitals. Therefore, employment areas of professionals have been increased.


Cooperation of Institutions and Organizations:

In the fields of educational activities required by the program, employment opportunities and planning; cooperation is made with Ministry of Health, Provincial Health Departments, Public and Private Health Institutions and Society of Radiotherapy Technologists.

A tendency towards sub-specialization has not been observed but informal sub-specialization applications can be found in departments according to the types of treatment devices. Knowledge and skills in anatomy, oncology, radiation physics, radiation biology, psychology and computer sciences are becoming increasingly more important for the better execution of the profession.


Vertical Transfer Programs:


Nursing and Health Services



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