Medical Documentation and Secreteriat

Program Name : Medical Documentation and Secretarial Program

Education Start Date: 1990-1991

With Exam: Higher Education Institutions Exam

Head of Program:  Doç. Dr. Ayla AÇIKGÖZ (2021-….)

Program Head. Assistant: Öğr. Gör. Haticetül Kübra YENİ

Previous Program Heads:

Doç. Dr. Esin ERGÖNÜL (2019-2021)

Öğr.Gör.Dr.Ali Erkan BALCI (2015-2019)

Yard.Doç.Dr.Esin ERGÖNÜL (2015)

Prof.Dr.Tonay İNCEBOZ (2013-2015)

Öğr.Gör.F.Şirin YAYLALI DEMİRER (2011-2013)

Doç.Dr.M.Ensari GÜNELİ (2011)

Prof. Dr. M. İlgi ŞEMİN (2008- 2011)

Doç. Dr. Belgin ÜNAL  (2005-2008)

Prof. Dr. Gül ERGÖR (2002-2005)

Prof. Dr. Abdullah ARSLAN (1999-2002)

Doç. Dr. Arif Hikmet ÇIMRIN (1996-1999)

Doç. Dr. M. Derya ERÇAL (1994-1996)

Doç. Dr. Atilla BÜYÜKGEBİZ (1990-1994)

Establishment of the Program:

The Medical Documentation and Secretarial Program started its educational activities as the second program opened in our school in the 1990-1991 academic year.

Purpose of the Program:

Able to carry out secretarial services in health institutions; able to record the diagnosis, diagnosis and treatment of diseases; able to prepare medical, administrative and statistical documents; able to archive documents by editing; can organize and develop archives; preparing patients for examination with patient admission and file procedures; To train health technicians who provide written and verbal communication of the unit where they work.

Content of the Training:

Medical secretaries have become important and obligatory personnel for new expansions and developing health institutions today.

The mission of our program, which meets this important need of the sector, is to undertake and maintain a leading role in the training of medical secretaries who have gained superior knowledge, skills and equipment. Our training, which aims to train medical secretaries who have a life-long tendency to develop in line with the expectations and needs of the health sector, make a difference and have sufficient knowledge and skills in their field, also aims to provide our students with the ability to communicate effectively, work in a team, notice and solve problems, as well as professional knowledge and skills. aims. In-hospital practices and mandatory 1st and 2nd year summer internships enable our students to gain field experience before starting their business life.

Post Graduation Job Opportunities:

Our graduates, who graduated with the title of health technician and started to work, have the opportunity to work in every field of the health sector. Due to the increasing importance and effectiveness of a profession, the opportunity to find a job is quite wide. In addition to various units of private and public health institutions; Non-bedded treatment institutions, private health polyclinics, provincial health directorates, medical research e-publishing companies, medical equipment companies, dispensaries, imaging centers and doctor’s offices are also among the employment areas of our graduates.

Institutions and Organizations to Collaborate:

In terms of teaching activities, employment opportunities and planning required by the program; Ministry of Health, Health Directorates, public and private health institutions (hospitals, clinics, polyclinics and laboratories, medical centers, public health centers, dispensaries, health centers, public health centers, family medicine, etc.), municipalities, non-governmental organizations and professional chambers. union is made.

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