Name of the Program: Audiometry Program

Education Start Date: 2008

YKS: With Exam

Head of Program: Prof.Dr.Günay KIRKIM (2014- )

Deputy Head of Program:

Establishment of the Program:

The Audiometry Program was opened within the body of Dokuz Eylül University Health Services Vocational School in the 2008-2009 academic year.
Previous Program Heads:

Prof. Dr. M. Bülent ŞERBETÇİOĞLU (2008- 2014)

Purpose of the Program:

Knows the scientific methods required for the diagnosis of hearing loss and balance disorder patients, can apply basic audiological tests, has professional foreign language (English) knowledge, can follow current developments in the field, constantly improves himself/herself by making use of various opportunities, has strong verbal communication skills, and has the ability to implement new technological developments is to train qualified health technicians.

Content of the Education:

To educate qualified health technicians who know scientific methods in the diagnosis of hearing loss and balance disorder patients, can apply basic audiological tests, can follow current developments in their field, constantly improve themselves by making use of different opportunities, have verbal communication skills, have the ability to apply new technological developments competently. In the program, there are courses on basic medical sciences such as physiology, anatomy, physics, vocal physics, medical terminology, first aid, as well as general culture courses. Hearing and measurement as vocational courses, hearing and speech anatomy-physiology, hearing loss, hearing genetics, hearing aids, pediatric audiological test methods, language development and speech disorders, workshop in audiology, psychoacoustics, case study, vestibular system and tests, newborn hearing screening, objective hearing tests and training and practice courses in the clinic. Professional development and social and cultural development are supported with elective courses in the curriculum. At the end of the 1st year, they do their 6-week internship in the Hearing, Speech and Balance Unit at DEU Hospital under the supervision of an audiologist and an ENT Physician. Students are trained as individuals who are mentally and physically capable of fulfilling the given task at any time and under any condition, strictly adhering to medical ethics and professional rules, respecting the rights of patients.

Post Graduation Job Opportunities:

Graduates of this program can work as a Health Technician in the field of Audiometry.
Graduates of the program can work under the supervision and control of an audiologist or an Otorhinolaryngologist, in the audiology clinics of public or private hospitals, and in hearing screenings in the Joint Health and Safety Unit. In maternity clinics, they can perform hearing screening tests on newborn babies and students in schools. In addition, considering the increasing need for audiometry technicians in hearing aid distributor companies and audiological diagnosis centers, it is possible to work in such private institutions. Hearing aid companies charge audiometrist as technical staff as required by law. Considering that these companies are trying to establish a widespread branch network in Turkey, it is thought that there will be an increasing need for audiometrists.

Institutions and Organizations to Collaborate with:

In terms of teaching activities, employment opportunities and planning required by the program; Cooperation is made with the Ministry of Health, Health Directorates, public and private health institutions (Training and Research Hospitals, Maternity Hospitals, medical centers, etc.), hearing aid sales centers, municipalities, non-governmental organizations and professional chambers.

Vertical Transition Departments:

If the graduates of our program are successful in the Vertical Transfer Exam, they can make a vertical transfer to the departments of Language and Speech Therapy, Physics, Physics Engineering, Optical and Acoustic Engineering, Audiology, Special Education Teaching. 

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