Mouth and Dental Health

Name of the Program                           :           Mouth and Dental Health

Beginning of the Education               :           2018

OSS Grade Type   

Foundation of The Programme        :

Mouth and Dental Health Program opened at Dokuz Eylul University School of Health Services for academic year 2017-2018. 

Aim of the Program              : 

The aim of this program is to train health service personnel who can make sterilizations of tools used for odontotherapy and help a dentist by preparing patients and necessary tools during the medical intervention. After successful graduation, students will have associated degree diploma of health technician and are titled as “Mouth and Dental Health Technician”.

Content of the Education     :

The language of instruction for Oral and Dental Health is Turkish. Formal education is provided. Student competencies are determined by theoretical and practical exams and clinical applications. Oral and Dental Health students benefit from modern, world-class equipped, technological laboratories. In our university internet support is adequate and open for student use. Also, students have free access to computer labs. The library of DEU has sufficient equipment and data in terms of education, training and research. Our university also offers its students a wide range of recreation opportunities in which they can have social, cultural and sporting activities in their free time. A rich data base is available consisting from a wide range of books, e-books and journals related to The Oral and Dental Health Program student’s education and the other topics they want to do research in-depth. In addition, there are many computers with high technological qualities that can be assigned to each one of our students.

Job Opportunities After Graduation          :

Students, who will graduate after 2 years of education from the program, will receive the title of “Oral and Dental Health Technician.  The data from the Ministry of Health show that the demand for staff related to oral and dental health in our country is far above the supply. In 2023, in our country, nearly 30,000 dentists will be needed, and the number of dentists will be around 20,000 for the same period. According to these data, it can be predicted that the demand for oral and dental health personnel will follow a similar course in parallel with the dentist gap. Graduates of this program can work as Oral and Dental Health Technicians in hospitals. Graduates of this department can work in dental laboratories, dental clinics, dental health units of hospitals, and in companies providing technical equipment for dental health. Graduates of this program do not have the opportunity to work individually, but they can work in dental clinics, dental health units of hospitals or in public institutions. There is a significant need for Oral and Dental Health Technicians in state and private hospitals.

Cooperation among institutions and organizations: Learning activities required by the program, employment opportunities, and planning, Ministry of Health, Health Departments, public and private health institutions (Dental hospitals, dental clinics, etc.) municipalities, in cooperation with non-governmental organizations and professional associations are made.

The future of the Profession:  If students succeed in the vertical pass examination performed by the Student Selection and Placement Center, they can gain right to attend to undergraduate programmes of departments of the health administration.

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